Green House.

Those of you in the architecture world may recognize this garden-shed-turned-summer-oasis from when it first appeared on design blogs years ago. For those of you unfamiliar (and especially for those who woke up to snow this morning), I thought I'd unearth it from the depths of my bookmarks tab to share it today. Consider it a vision of sunlit hope. 

The structure, created by Helsinki designer Linda Bergroth and Avanto Architects' Ville Hara, features natural Finnish pine and reclaimed brick. What's cooler? Its design was inspired by old-fashioned multi-compartment sewing boxes. What's coolest? It can be assembled in the location of your choice using a screwdriver.

Visit Linda Bergroth's website, here, and Avanto Architects', here. Thank you to iGNANT for posting this wonderful round-up of portable homes yesterday, which reminded me how much I love this project.

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