Horace the Hare.

Published in LIFE Magazine in March 1956, photojournalist Carl Mydans's profile of Irish zookeeper Cecil S. Webb and his pet hare, Horace, is sweet, strange, and completely captivating. 

"Horace loves to eat from his master's mouth, kick and drum against him in mock battle, bound about the house from chair to bed to bureau," reads the accompanying article. "And hare, a favorite food all over Europe, has no place on the Webbs' dining table."

See more on the LIFE website here, and have a wonderful spring weekend! (I'll be spending mine at McCarren Park.) See you Monday.


Spring colors abound: in this photo by Julia Robbs for Tattly (the rainbow tattoo by Jessi Arrington is available here),

in this hairdo, and that scarf, and on those lips, and on that dress,


and in this beautiful piece by artist Tim Etchells. The sentiment he illuminates hits home. (On a related note, I'll be introducing a new series of personal writing here on the blog next week - very excited! In the meantime, you can find the archive for my column on the Equals Record, all about the ups and downs of "growing up" in my twenties, here.)

Fashion photos, clockwise from top left: unknown, Candice Lake for W Magazine, unknown (if you know original sources, please share!)


Two art zines of note: this forty-page Summer Cocktails collection by illustrator and designer Jordan Kay (the inclusion of found paper inserts makes each copy one-of-a-kind),

and SadGirls, which features art and writing by "girls who make things and have lots of feelings." I love it.

Find the VIOLETTDRAKT Etsy shop here, and SadGirls, here. (With SadGirls on its second issue and the Summer Cocktails zine labeled "Vol. 1," I'm assuming there's more to come from both - I wonder if Jordan will ever include a recipe for my personal favorite, the Corpse Reviver #2? I plan to stay tuned.)

Twitter Verse.

Iviva Olenick embroiders handkerchiefs with "poetry" she finds on Twitter. Beautiful. (I love that second one.)


You can find more of Iviva's work, here, and follow @EmbroideryPoems on Twitter, here.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful Tuesday!

Insta Eats.

Malaysian artist Hong Yi's Instagram is a wonder, in large part because of her experimental food-focused artwork (that can of soup was made with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and oyster sauce; the farm scene was constructed using slices from a single cucumber).

See more on Hong Yi's Instagram account, here, and visit her professional website, here. Thanks to Design Crush for the introduction!

PS: Did you hear? Max and Margaux had their baby - so happy to have a (yet unnamed) nephew!

La Peau.

On Wednesday, I included a snippet from a favorite Pablo Neruda poem in my post about welcoming spring. Today, on a vaguely related note, I'm thrilled to share with you one of my favorite Pinterest boards, La Peau, curated by writer T. de Los Reyes. It's subtitle is an excerpt from Neruda's "Lovely One": "Perhaps earth has / In some hidden place /  The curve and the fragrance of your body."

The board is full of images of body parts, curves, contortions, crevices. I love it. A small sampling:

See the La Peau board in its entirety, here, and be sure to check out the rest of T's boards, here

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone, and happy spring again! I walked to a coffee shop this morning and the sun was in my eyes and I listened to Cat Stevens and it made me inexpressibly happy. Wishing you all a joyful weekend ahead. 


I've always been curious about security guards at art museums - what are their lives like? What do they do when they leave work? What do they dream about at night? "Guardians," a series by acclaimed photographer Andy Freeberg, features portraits of women hired to guard art at Russian museums, often framing them as part of the exhibition.

Below, a few favorites:

Via Freunde von Freunden. See more at Andy Freeberg Photography, here.

Welcome, Spring.

At long last, it's the first day of spring. It's still just 35 degrees in Brooklyn as I write this, but I'm set to take a long walk in the sunshine to Greenpoint this morning. (I figure by the time I get there, I'll be warm enough to believe winter's over.)


How will you spend your day? A few ways to commemorate the new season:

-Read a poem.
-Eat something sweet.
-Put flowers on your head.

Happy spring, everyone.

Top photo by Robert Triscoli. Bottom by Zag via Crissie Fuller.

Tip-Top Tights.

For the first days of spring, legwear that's whimsical, wonderful, and weird (in the best way, of course).


From top to bottom: Tattoo tights by Kelly at Large; ombre tights by BZR; pirate printed nautical tights by Teja Jamilla.

Eyes As Big As Plates.

In a joint venture they call Eyes as Big as Plates, artists Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth take inspiration from Scandinavian mythology, dressing an expressive cast of senior citizens in costumes borrowed from nature. According to Ikonen, the project is "inspired by the romantics' belief that folklore is the clearest reflection of the soul of a people."


I love this so much. One of the best things I've seen in a very long time. 

See more, here. Have a happy Monday!

We Come Together.

This print by artists kozyndan makes me smile; its title - We come together to fill the world with wonder! - is my favorite part. (Happily, the print's available for purchase in a variety of formats on Society6, here.)

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm looking forward to catching up with Victoria this afternoon (she interviewed me on her blog, The Pencil Box, last year), and meeting family friends for dinner at the Wythe Hotel on Sunday. Afterward, I'll be tuning in to the last episode of GIRLS - rooting for Adam and Hannah!

See you back here Monday - in the meantime, three links for the weekend:
-A round-up of surreal opening lines in books.
-A prism tattoo.
-Max has an interview this week on Design*Sponge. Very inspiring!

Have a great one.

Toys, Tots, Travels.

Many thanks to Megan (who has this beautiful essay featured on The Common this week), for bringing photographer Gabriele Galimberti's Toy Stories series to my attention. In it, children from around the world show off their most cherished toys - says Gabriele, "they [all] just want to play."

See the full series at Gabriele Galimberti's website, here. Have a lovely Thursday!


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