Glass & Sable.

A big thank you to Ciara Sames for featuring me in her latest "Home/Closet/Tool" post on her beautiful blog, Glass & Sable. As part of the series, each participant submits an item from his or her home and closet, plus a meaningful tool. My choice for the latter? The Polaroid camera pictured below.

I've had it since college, and I have hundreds (hundreds!) of photos stored away from that time. I love it so much; it's been such a trusty sidekick. (You can see the rest of my post on Glass & Sable, here.)

What are you up to this weekend? I'm going to a BBQ, bidding a fond farewell to a friend who's moving to China, and celebrating my niece's fourth birthday (I'm excited for the cupcakes).

Whatever your plans, have a great one!

Courting Cues.

Three-quarters of a century ago, wrinkled stockings, gabbing about gowns, and "careless" conversation ("when a man dances, he wants to dance") would have been deal-breakers on a date. My, how far we've come! See more "Tips for Single Women," here.

Via Retronaut.

Moonbeam Dreams.

This mattress and pillow, both for sale at the i3Lab online store, are - pardon my cheesiness - absolutely dreamy. Says i3Lab: "With the Nocturne by Moon pillow, you are able to have [the] moon in your arms as you always dreamed... as a young child." Sold.

See more at i3 Lab, here. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


The topic of my post on the Equals Record this week: ways of coping with stress. One tried-and-true method? Chocolate (in moderation, of course). But what happens when the sweet stuff isn't enough?   

An excerpt from the new post:  Stress happens. To everyone. And it has its upsides (I'm convinced, for example, that I work more efficiently under pressure). But the effects of stress aren't always pretty. For the most part, stress is uncomfortable. It's inevitable. It's... stressful. But as I've gotten older,  I've learned that it doesn't have to mean my day is ruined. Having a mile-long to-do list or an encroaching deadline doesn't have to be debilitating. A blank screen doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to run and hide. Instead, it can turn into a date with a bag of chocolate-covered marshmallows. 
See more at the Equals Record, here. (Also, you can find all of my past entries, here.) Thank you so much for your support, as always!

Print by Rock the Custard. Be sure to check out their Etsy shop - it's full of gems!

Crochet Play.

This crocheted playground, created by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, would have been an absolute dream come true for elementary-school-aged me. Come to think of it, I'd love to take my shoes off and run across it now. Can you imagine?

Learn more about Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, here, and see more photos of her play structures at Net Play Works, here. Via Playscapes.

Happy Monday!

Williamsburg Week.

What a week! My brother Max and sister-in-law, Margaux, paid an impromptu visit to Brooklyn and we spent three sun-soaked days eating up a storm and weathering a sudden heatwave. Below, some photos from our week together, courtesy of our Instagram accounts. (By the way, I just joined - you can follow me at @my_shokoko!) 

Highlights included French fries and ice cream at Reynards at the Wythe Hotel (our waiter told us it was the best order he'd ever seen), sunset on the hotel rooftop, and oysters at Maison Premiere. Also, that's me at middle right, spying on cute boys from Max and Margaux's hotel room window.

Oh, and I forgot to mention - my new Equals Record post went live on Tuesday. This week, I wrote about the general lack of free time in my life these days (which is truly a double-edged sword). You can find the post, here. Thank you so much for reading!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday.


Meet Duncan, a jet-black Scottish Fold who belongs to photographer Kip Holm. Mr. Holm's Etsy shop is chock-full of Duncan prints - and it's easy to see why. A face like that just begs to be photographed! (Makes me wonder: could Duncan be the new Maru?) 

See more at Kip Holm's Etsy shop, here, and professional website, here

Have a wonderful Thursday and keep cool, East Coasters!

Martin's Markings.

In high school, I painted my bedroom walls bright red and slapped a giant poster of The Who above my bed. In college, my room was plastered in Polaroids. Right now, though, my bedroom walls are bare - my apartment has amazing moldings, and I don't want to cover them up. Still, my jaw dropped when I saw these photos of artist Shantell Martin's Brooklyn bedroom, which is blanketed in what The New York Times calls "stream-of-consciousness drawings."

Part of me thinks it'd be a blast to draw all over my walls. (If only I were as talented an artist as Shantell, that is.)

Read the article, by Liz Arnold, here, and see more pictures, here. Photos by Trevor Tondro for The New York Times.

Rainbow Writing.

How beautiful is this paper card set, made by Korea-based company Ttable Office? I'd love to use it to send a letter to a long-lost friend.

See more of Ttable Office's beautiful designs, here. (In NYC? The cards are also currently stocked at Brooklyn boutique Catbird. I bought this one last week.)

Photos via Toothpic Nations.

Hana Hou.

This morning, I'm excited to share a project I worked on recently for Hana Hou!, the in-flight magazine for Hawaiian Airlines. To celebrate its new direct flight from Honolulu to JFK, the latest issue includes three articles that list New York City travel recommendations for Hawaiian visitors. Each was authored by someone who used to live in Hawaii (I spent eight years there when I was growing up), and I had the honor of writing the dining feature. Since it's not a magazine that's available on newsstands, I thought I'd share some photos of it here. 

That's me, at Kyo Ya, one of my very favorite restaurants in New York. The caption on the photo describes me as being "in my element" there. I'd say that's accurate.

Other restaurants featured in the article: Victor's Cafe in the Theater District, and Tocqueville in Union Square. Both are wonderful. (I still dream about the truffled grits at Tocqueville, and the sticky guava cobbler at Victor's - yum.)

If you happen to find yourself on a Hawaiian Airlines flight in the near future, keep an eye out for the feature. A big thank you to Hana Hou! for the incredible opportunity!

Hana Hou! photos by Robert Caplin.

Happy (Early) Father's Day.

Last month, the Friday before Mother's Day, I mentioned that my mom was one of the coolest people I know. Well, my dad's pretty high up on that list, too. He's a brilliant writer, a collector of kitschy toys (you should see his office - it's a wonderland), and a fantastic storyteller, the best I know (he used to tell me bedtime stories about a drunken kangaroo).

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Royal Mint Minis.

I've always gotten a kick out of unusual animal toys (for Christmas last year, I surprised my niece with a stuffed warthog). So naturally, I'm enamored of these quirky little guys, from the Etsy shop Mount Royal Mint. Where else have you seen anything like this adorable baby honey badger

This walrus

Also, this two-foot long narwhal pillow is just too good to be true. Says the shop owner: "sweet dreams guaranteed!"

Shop more at Mt. Royal Mint, here.

Upsides of Aging.

As I noted in this week's Equals Record post, there's plenty that's stressful about becoming an adult: taking on grown-up responsibilities, learning to overcome creative insecurities, finding new places to call home. But there's also so much to be happy about, so much that's fun. (After all, being a grown-up doesn't have to mean an end to being childlike.)

Here are three things that I love about getting older, cribbed from my latest post:
1) I love that I’ve learned to embrace my quirks, and those of others, too. Sometimes I’m awkward. Sometimes I’m clumsy. Sometimes I’m shy. All of these things are okay. I wish I knew this in high school.
2) I love that I don’t need to ask for permission or approval when making decisions.
3) I love that I can eat pie for breakfast if I want—and I often do.

You can read the rest on the Equals Record, here. (And, if you have the time, tell me - what do you love about getting older?)

Photos by Max Wanger.

(Non-Traditional) Gifts for Dads.

I've always been a bit mystified by Father's Day gift guides. Not that there aren't some truly great ones out there - there most certainly are. It's just that my dad doesn't quite fit the traditional dad bill. I'd never buy him a tie or a razor or any sort of rugged leather accessory. My dad's an artist, a writer, a free-spirited hippie - I can't remember the last time I saw him in a suit. I don't think I've ever seen him man a barbecue (after all, he's a vegetarian).

So in his honor, I decided to create a slightly unconventional Father's Day gift guide. The items I've chosen are inspired by him (socks because he's always cold, a tea cup for his daily dose of Earl Grey, a bracelet to add to his already-crowded wrists, chopsticks because you'll almost never see him using a fork). For those of you out there with dads who have no use for a baseball bat, a cigar, or a slab of artisanal bacon, I hope this helps!

Buildings, Bowties, and a Beautiful Dessert.

Three online discoveries that made me smile over the weekend:

1) Illustrator James Gulliver Hancock's attempt to draw every building in New York. Here are just a few of many, including my favorite, Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg. (Thanks to Curiosity Counts for the introduction.)

2) These handmade accessories for dogs, which are both adorable and ridiculous. They're ridiculously adorable, really. See more at Charlie Hearts Diesel, here

3) These ice cream waffle sandwiches from Martha Stewart, which absolutely look like heaven. (Thank you, Satsuki, for pinning them!)

Happy Monday, everyone! 


Whew, what a busy week! I've got a few deadlines awaiting me over the weekend, but in between jobs, I'm hoping to catch up with an old friend and possibly make it to the beach. What are your plans? 

Oh, and just for laughs:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Found via Bon Appetit. 

Cool Threads.

These embroidered portraits by Izziyana Suhaimi have me absolutely captivated this morning. Those expressions, those colors, that polar bear hat -  I love it all!

PS: That yellow bow reminds me of this quirky Yokoo creation. I've always wanted one!

See more at the artist's Tumblr, here. Found via Frankie Magazine.

Mid-Year Resolutions.

The last time I trekked uptown to visit Central Park - one of my favorite places in New York City - was nearly a year ago. One year. (That's me, pictured below, relaxing during a summer picnic.)

As someone who loves this city and is proud to live here, I'm embarrassed to admit this. I do get out and try my fair share of new things, but when it comes to enjoying the city to its fullest, I sometimes feel I could be doing more. This week's Equals Record post touches on this predicament, and what I'm planning on doing about it.

An excerpt from the new post: Last week, when June 1st rolled around, it occurred to me that six months had passed since New Year’s, and I wondered, do people ever make mid-year resolutions? In a way, isn’t this an ideal time to assess what the year’s been like thus far? To have a resolution refresher? To make amendments?It seems that way to me, and in the spirit of kicking off the second half of 2012 on a positive note, I’m going to add one more goal to my original list. In the next six months—and over the summer, especially—I’d like to push myself to engage more with the city I live in. In terms of music, art, and culture, New York has so much to offer. And yet, I see maybe two or three concerts per year. I can’t remember the last time I visited Lincoln Center. I’ve never been to the Met. It’s shameful, really. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know how long I’ll call this city home—I may as well enjoy it as much as I can while I’m here.
See more at the Equals Record, here. Thank you so much for reading!

Peeping Pets.

Scrolling through the photographs featured in "Tails from the Fishbowl," a book of portraits by San Diego photographer Rachel Bellinsky, is enough to make me yearn for a pet. Snapped on her daily walks with her own dog, Cooper, Bellinsky's photos of animals perched in front of windows are oddly, strikingly poignant. Just look at these faces.

I especially love this one. Those eyes!

Oh, and speaking of animals, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Leah Goren's cat-print dress among the new arrivals at Anthropologie this week. (I'm a huge fan of her work and blogged about a slightly different version of the dress a few months ago, here.) I rarely make impulse buys, but I have to have it. This polar bear print is pretty darn cute, as well.

"Tails from the Fishbowl" photos by Rachel Bellinsky via MSNBC. Found via A Glimpse of Glamour. 

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