Upsides of Aging.

As I noted in this week's Equals Record post, there's plenty that's stressful about becoming an adult: taking on grown-up responsibilities, learning to overcome creative insecurities, finding new places to call home. But there's also so much to be happy about, so much that's fun. (After all, being a grown-up doesn't have to mean an end to being childlike.)

Here are three things that I love about getting older, cribbed from my latest post:
1) I love that I’ve learned to embrace my quirks, and those of others, too. Sometimes I’m awkward. Sometimes I’m clumsy. Sometimes I’m shy. All of these things are okay. I wish I knew this in high school.
2) I love that I don’t need to ask for permission or approval when making decisions.
3) I love that I can eat pie for breakfast if I want—and I often do.

You can read the rest on the Equals Record, here. (And, if you have the time, tell me - what do you love about getting older?)

Photos by Max Wanger.

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