Glass & Sable.

A big thank you to Ciara Sames for featuring me in her latest "Home/Closet/Tool" post on her beautiful blog, Glass & Sable. As part of the series, each participant submits an item from his or her home and closet, plus a meaningful tool. My choice for the latter? The Polaroid camera pictured below.

I've had it since college, and I have hundreds (hundreds!) of photos stored away from that time. I love it so much; it's been such a trusty sidekick. (You can see the rest of my post on Glass & Sable, here.)

What are you up to this weekend? I'm going to a BBQ, bidding a fond farewell to a friend who's moving to China, and celebrating my niece's fourth birthday (I'm excited for the cupcakes).

Whatever your plans, have a great one!

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