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(Non-Traditional) Gifts for Dads.

I've always been a bit mystified by Father's Day gift guides. Not that there aren't some truly great ones out there - there most certainly are. It's just that my dad doesn't quite fit the traditional dad bill. I'd never buy him a tie or a razor or any sort of rugged leather accessory. My dad's an artist, a writer, a free-spirited hippie - I can't remember the last time I saw him in a suit. I don't think I've ever seen him man a barbecue (after all, he's a vegetarian).

So in his honor, I decided to create a slightly unconventional Father's Day gift guide. The items I've chosen are inspired by him (socks because he's always cold, a tea cup for his daily dose of Earl Grey, a bracelet to add to his already-crowded wrists, chopsticks because you'll almost never see him using a fork). For those of you out there with dads who have no use for a baseball bat, a cigar, or a slab of artisanal bacon, I hope this helps!


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