Happy Hippy.

Hippy Kitchens is a blog celebrating the beauties of exactly that - although not every "kitchen" pictured is what we'd normally associate with the word. Picnics in the grass, meals strewn atop the hoods of cars - anything goes. (The best photos, I think, are further along in the feed, so scroll away. I'm a fan of this "love" bread in particular, and this peaceful ladle-fest.)

Also worth noting: Christine Boepple, founder of Hippy Kitchens, is also behind the equally amusing Great Naps. Check it out.

Thank you, Messy Nessy Chic.

Tweets, Tunes, Telegrams.

Distractions before the weekend: famous photographs reimagined using Play-Doh,

tweets turned into telegrams,

and the ever-crushworthy HAIM, covering Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough." Love this. (Photo by Bella Lieberberg.)

And three more, just for kicks:
-Culinary curiosities: turmeric tea, and a frozen Kit-Kat cake inspired by Roald Dahl, who consumed the candy daily. (According to Paper and Salt: "He would save their silver wrappers, adding them to a giant foil ball on his desk, where visitors to the Dahl house can still see it today.")
-Speaking of beauty products, this is one of my favorites.
-"What I Won't Tell You About My Ballet Dancing Son."

See you Monday! (Oh, and New Yorkers, come check out Photoville this weekend - it's a pop-up photo exhibition set up inside repurposed freight containers in Brooklyn Bridge Park. You'll love it, I promise.)

Home Sick.

HOME SICK is a series of photographs by Laura Elizabeth Hinely, whose grandmother's house provided the backdrop for a larger exploration of the meaning of home. "The project began a few summers ago when I packed my possessions in my car, drove up and down the West Coast for two months, and became preoccupied with the idea of house and home," Laura says.

I love the items she chooses to focus on here - a heap of laundry, handwritten notes, crystals and yellow light. It makes me think of the sights, tastes, textures that signify home to me: lemon trees, the smell of swimming pools, my dad's collection of heart-shaped rocks. What reminds you of your own home?

View Laura Elizabeth Hinely's portfolio, here, and have a wonderful Thursday.

Heads or Tails.

Brazilian artist and designer Andre Levy paints characters on the faces of coins. "Coins are actually massively-produced little sculptures," he writes. "This project brings individual character to each replica." Thomas Jefferson never looked so snazzy. (I also love that Oompa Loompa.)

See more at Tales You Lose. Follow Andre's work on Instagram at @zhion.

POV: Beauty.

POV ("point of view") is a series that addresses many of the same themes covered in my Equals Record column: growing up, saying yes to adventure, learning to embrace a quarter-life crisis. Each POV entry will include a photograph and a short reflection based on what’s pictured. While my previous column focused largely on ideas, POV will focus on moments - glimpses, glances, tiny stories.

Fourth of July weekend, Megan and I took a spontaneous road trip upstate. We were with two friends, boys, and we were on the hunt for swimming holes (we’d later take this terrifying leap). Hours after leaving the city, we found ourselves in New Paltz, hiking through the woods. We climbed over rocks. We crossed a river. We tramped through grass that left a mess of tiny cuts on our ankles.

Megan wore sandals with leather straps and a chunky heel. I wore a dress.

Later, sweaty and with mud-caked toes, we sat on a metal railing by the side of the road and looked out over the trees.  The boys explored the hillside, in search of blueberries. In their absence, we relived the day and our unexpected adventure. We discussed our need for a shower. We examined our bruises. 

We took pictures of the sunset, of birds, of each other reclining on the hood of our station wagon; then, in the reflection of our iPhones, we put on lipstick.


Translated from Dutch, the word proef means to experiment. A Japanese hosiery company of the same name does just that, producing an inspired line of tights and socks that's artistic, imaginative, offbeat, avant-garde.  It's wearable art, and perfect for fall. Find select styles here.

Thanks, Design Crush. New POV post coming tomorrow...

Climbing Trees, Smelling Roses.

Happy Friday! I'm working on a new POV post about fashion and beauty that will be ready to share early next week; in the meantime, a collection of curiosities before the weekend: to start, Kai Fagerstrom's photos of animals inhabiting forgotten cottages in Finland,

a bicycle-powered lift into the trees,

and, lastly, an amazing guide to matching the colors in a friendship bracelet to those in photographs. So well done, Fieldguided.

And three more, because...why not?
-Lynn Yaeger's beauty routine: lipstick blush and henna hair dye.
-Lucas Boirat, beaming.
-E.B. White on his dog, Daisy: "At the moment of her death she was smelling the front of a florist's shop. It was a wet day, and the cab skidded up over the curb - just the sort of excitement that would have amused her, had she been at a safe distance. She is survived by her mother, Jeannie; a brother, Abner; her father, whom she never knew; and two sisters, whom she never liked...She never grew up, and she never took pains to discover, conclusively, the things that might have diminished her curiosity and spoiled her taste. She died sniffing life, and enjoying it."

Have a lovely weekend! 'll be going to the beach - for the first and last time this summer - and celebrating the Autumnal Equinox with a dinner party at my apartment. I'm thinking of making homemade marshmallows - worth the mess?


In honor of the full moon: lunar eclipse lollipops, a huggable technicolor pillow, and a night-sky dress, printed using hand-carved stamps and paint the color of stardust.

(If colder weather weren't just around the corner, I'd be wearing that leotard in a second.)

From top to bottom: Moon lollipops by VintageConfections; Mini Moon "Hello" card by ooLightbulb; Moon Cats leotard by BurgerAndFriends; Full Moon hug pillow by i3Lab; Moonlight wall sticker by i3Lab; Moon Phase dress by graciechai.

Happy almost-weekend!

Closet Queens.

It's been ages since I revisited Jeana Sohn's excellent Closet Visit but I've just spent the better part of my morning sifting through its archives. Have you been? It's features some of the most artistic, imaginative, and inspiring women I've seen on fashion sites like this - case in point: dancer Jasmine Croissant (pictured at top), who says, "Don't shop. Dance. Things come to you that way." 

All images by Jeana Sohn. See more at Closet Visit. (Any fashion sites in particular that you're a fan of? I'd love to find some new ones!)

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