Climbing Trees, Smelling Roses.

Happy Friday! I'm working on a new POV post about fashion and beauty that will be ready to share early next week; in the meantime, a collection of curiosities before the weekend: to start, Kai Fagerstrom's photos of animals inhabiting forgotten cottages in Finland,

a bicycle-powered lift into the trees,

and, lastly, an amazing guide to matching the colors in a friendship bracelet to those in photographs. So well done, Fieldguided.

And three more, because...why not?
-Lynn Yaeger's beauty routine: lipstick blush and henna hair dye.
-Lucas Boirat, beaming.
-E.B. White on his dog, Daisy: "At the moment of her death she was smelling the front of a florist's shop. It was a wet day, and the cab skidded up over the curb - just the sort of excitement that would have amused her, had she been at a safe distance. She is survived by her mother, Jeannie; a brother, Abner; her father, whom she never knew; and two sisters, whom she never liked...She never grew up, and she never took pains to discover, conclusively, the things that might have diminished her curiosity and spoiled her taste. She died sniffing life, and enjoying it."

Have a lovely weekend! 'll be going to the beach - for the first and last time this summer - and celebrating the Autumnal Equinox with a dinner party at my apartment. I'm thinking of making homemade marshmallows - worth the mess?

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