Chandler's Travels.

"I am the one who will choose the squiggliest line on the map," says artist and travel enthusiast Chandler O'Leary. "I am the one who gets excited about driving 200 miles out of my way to see a giant concrete prairie dog." She continues: "I also have a thing for jackalopes, I brake for any coffee-pot-shaped building, and I have a bright yellow hat shaped like cartoon Swiss cheese." A woman after my own heart.

Chandler chronicles her adventures using watercolors, in Moleskine notebooks and on her website, Drawn the Road Again. Below, a few highlights.

Speaking of travel: with cooler weather approaching, my friends and I are planning on taking one weekend trip per month in hopes of avoiding winter doldrums. Later this month, we're thinking of going to Montreal. Then upstate, to see the leaves change. Then perhaps back to Brattleboro. (I'd also like to visit this "jackpot of rare cave pearls" - but that may have to wait.) East Coasters, do you have any recommendations for easy weekend trips?

See more of Chandler's work at Drawn the Road Again. Happy wanderlusting. 

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