Atypical Toys.

Equal parts sweet and strange: Atelier Volvox's inside-out stuffed animals (they call them "outsiders"), 

and these hand-crocheted appliances, available at Blue Tree (the turntable plays Frank Sinatra).

Play time.


Moonbeam silver, sunshine gold, hibiscus pink: these flats by ele handmade have spring written all over them. Perfect for skipping, dancing, leaping, jumping, frolicking, scampering, prancing, strutting, and twirling. Or just plain walking. 


Shop more, here.


Sugar-dusted treats from the depths of my iPhoto folders: a duo of doughnuts from a decadent brunch at Roman's, and a plate of candied rose petals, which I made for a guest post on the Thursdays blog earlier this month. 

Has anyone ever tried candied rose petals? I never found the right recipe to use them in, though as I mentioned in the post, plain old vanilla ice cream may have been a good choice.

Happy Monday!

Ho Hum.

Tea with a lion, grocery shopping with a baby deer. Just another day.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Top photo: unknown (please share if you know); bottom: Bob Willoughby.

Works in Waiting.

I mentioned yesterday that I don't own a bookcase. I do, however, own books. (Because I don't have shelves, I like to pile them in stacks against the wall.) Titles I haven't gotten to yet go next to my bed - judging from the size of the current stack, it seems I've fallen behind.

Not pictured: titles uploaded to my Kindle - "Blood, Bones & Butter," "1Q84", and "The Cat's Table."

So many books, so little time. Have you read anything worth recommending lately?

Child's Play.

Pictured below, the sweetest posse of imaginary playmates, created by French artist Zoe de Las Cases. (They're made of cardboard.)  I'd love have them as "greeters" by my front door, or as guardians of a bookcase - if I owned a bookcase, that is. Also, that outfit on the far right, with the bright pink hat and the little green shoes? I'd wear that myself in a heartbeat.

Enjoy the day! New Yorkers, doesn't it feel like spring? 


I love the idea of a nest. My bed, with its six pillows and four blankets, often feels like one when I wake up on frosty winter mornings. (The fact that I share the bed with one of these little guys only adds to the nest-like experience.) So it should come as no surprise then, that my heart leapt when I laid eyes on these magnificent creations, handmade by artist Souther Salazar. I think they're absolutely magical.

See more at the Disappearing Treehouse, Souther's blog with Monica Choy, here

Free Spirits.

If I'm half as elegant, joyful, and free-spirited as these lovely ladies when I get older, I think I'll be in pretty good shape. Visit Ari Seth Cohen's always inspiring blog, Advanced Style, to see more. (And here's the book-to-be!)

Photos by Ari Seth Cohen via Advanced Style. Thanks to Shayna Kulik for reminding me about this brilliant blog by pinning this.

Have a great weekend!

Just Because.

What's better than a gift from a friend, just because? In recent weeks, I've been lucky enough to receive some unexpected treasures from three very thoughtful ladies: a beautiful bracelet from Chelsea Costa of Lovely Indeed, who made it - beads and all - herself (see how, here),

a Tattly courtesy of the wonderful Bekka Palmer, (now if only I could just take this advice),

and an adorable watercolor from the very talented Natalie, creator of this dreamy gem. As noted in the bottom left corner, the title is "Shoko's Tights." 

Feeling very lucky to have such sweet friends. Have a happy day, wherever you are!

A Way With Words.

I don't know what's more lovable: Etsy shop-owner Francesca Longo's vibrant wares, or the words she uses to describe them. Take, for instance, this "funny hat with pimples."

Or these "too long gloves."

Here's a pair of bangles called "carrots and tomatoes,"

and a "bracelet in love with a vintage button."

I'm tickled. Shop more at Francesca's Etsy shop, here.

Loving Love.

Happy Valentine's Day! Today, I plan on taking myself out to lunch and reading a stack of magazines over a plate of something delicious. (In keeping with tradition, I've already treated myself to a little gift by enrolling in another class - but I'll save that for a later post.) Whatever your plans, have a happy one. I'll do my best to get you started, with three lighthearted links.

-No one captures love quite like Max. If you haven't already seen his 2011 year-in-review, check it out.

-Confession: occasionally, when I'm in need of a pick-me-up, I visit Cute Overload and click on the tag, "Interspecies Snorgling." What follows: a warm-and-fuzzy celebration of love that knows no bounds. Dare you not to smile. (Photo below by Frances Marsh; read more, here.)

-Finally, this song never fails to make me happy. Take it away, Otis.

See you tomorrow!

Toast with the Most.

Danish chef René Redzepi (Bon Appetit calls him "the world's best") sautés wild mushrooms in olive oil; adds shallots, cream, and oysters; and lays it all atop buttered sourdough toast with thinly sliced lardo. Suddenly, my go-to breakfast of oatmeal with sunflower seeds seems a tad dull. 

Read the magazine's charming feature on Redzepi (and get the recipe), here.

Photos by Ditte Isager for Bon Appetit.


I don't know mega-pinner Luce de Luce personally, but I love that she has a Pinterest board dedicated solely to smiles. Have a look and a laugh, and I'll see you Monday.

Images via Smile Therapy. Thanks, Refinery29, for clueing me in. 

PS: Know the original photographers? Please share! I'd love to give proper credit.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: For YOU.

Last year, for the first time in my adult life, I spent Valentine's Day alone. Almost all of my close friends had plans with their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, or wives, and, well, I had no plans at all. I sensed - judging from the sympathetic looks and the many (very kind) offers to keep me company - that this was supposed to be a sad day for me.

But the truth was, I wasn't sad. I've always loved Valentine's Day - the flowers, the chocolate, the happy indulgences - why shouldn't I get to celebrate love, just because I was single? After work on the evening of the 14th, I picked up a slice of red velvet cake and some flowers, and treated myself to a book that I'd had my eye on for months. When I got home, I cooked myself foods that I love, and put down a deposit on a set of ten French lessons. It was not just a good night, it was a great night. It was empowering. Dateless didn't have to mean depressed. Corny as it may sound, I was my own Valentine that year, and, if I do say so myself, I was lovely company.

Whether you've got a Valentine this year or not, why not treat yourself to a happy little something that puts a smile on your face: a peppy prize ribbon; a chocolate pig; a tiny, sequined heart of gold? Buy yourself a ring, splurge on beautiful flowers, cook yourself the best meal of your life. Celebrate you.

Nightstand Notes.

I recently had the pleasure of doing an interview about the contents of my nightstand, for fellow writer Victoria Loustalot's blog, The Pencil Box. (I love the idea of a nightstand series - I'm always so curious to know what others keep on theirs!) Though we've been online acquaintances for years, Victoria and I met in person for the very first time just one week ago. She's wonderful, and so is her blog. Check it out, here.

Many thanks for having me, Victoria!

Coming up tomorrow: a slightly unconventional Valentine's Day gift guide. Stay tuned.

Style & Substance.

These tote bag tributes to Jean-Luc Godard and J.D. Salinger almost have me convinced that I actually need another tote bag. Or four.

Shop more at I Miss You Already.

Pendants, Poetry, and Pina.

After a weekend of decadence (a toasted baguette with butter, cream, and jam both mornings for breakfast; an impromptu manicure and pedicure after locking myself out of my apartment; cookies and milk at midnight), today seems as good a time as ever for another installment of Monday morning daydreaming. Here's circus-inspired jewelry,

Lemony Snicket on love,

and the trailer for Pina, which I saw on Sunday night, in lieu of the Superbowl. Spectacular.

Enjoy your Monday!

In a Few, Cockatoo.

Wishing you the most wonderful weekend! Any exciting plans? I'm hoping to do some reading (a friend recently loaned me a copy of The Descendants), visit the Turkish baths, bake a cake, and not watch the Superbowl. What about you?

Oh, and coming up next week: a (slightly different) Valentine's Day gift guide. Can't wait to share.

Image: Lyla & Blu via fit-inspiration.

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