A Way With Words.

I don't know what's more lovable: Etsy shop-owner Francesca Longo's vibrant wares, or the words she uses to describe them. Take, for instance, this "funny hat with pimples."

Or these "too long gloves."

Here's a pair of bangles called "carrots and tomatoes,"

and a "bracelet in love with a vintage button."

I'm tickled. Shop more at Francesca's Etsy shop, here.


  1. yep that's good. my favorite is hat with pimples...especially given that the model wearing it is "gorgeous no flaws" :) yay, irony!

  2. ha! I hate that word (pimples) but the hat is adorable, and perfectly named. ;)

  3. yesterday's "try a little tenderness" -- one of my all-time favorites. and i like today's pimples. xx

  4. i love the hat! and i have some similar bracelets!!
    always ove your blog!

  5. I think I need those "too long gloves" - if only this winter were a bit colder!

    Anna, thank you! So glad you like it!



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