Sugar-dusted treats from the depths of my iPhoto folders: a duo of doughnuts from a decadent brunch at Roman's, and a plate of candied rose petals, which I made for a guest post on the Thursdays blog earlier this month. 

Has anyone ever tried candied rose petals? I never found the right recipe to use them in, though as I mentioned in the post, plain old vanilla ice cream may have been a good choice.

Happy Monday!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Candied rose petals! That sounds soo amazing! I am helping throw a bridal shower brunch this Saturday and that would be such a fun thing to serve...thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. p.s. "Wool Gathering" looks really it actually about just that? Also, "Advanced Style"?! I had never heard of this guys' site and am so excited for this book now!!!

  3. Oh wow, those rose petals look incredible. Are they *really* rose petals?

  4. Roxy Marj, yes, they're apparently great as a garnish on cookies, cakes, and ice cream! Just be sure to use organic roses and superfine sugar.

    To answer your questions, I haven't started "Woolgathering" yet. But I will let you know what it's like when I do! And how amazing is "Advanced Style"? Such a treasure trove!

    Rebecca, yes, they're real rose petals! I felt a tiny bit guilty ripping apart such beautiful roses!

  5. Candied rose petals sound amazing!!! I've never even heard of them. How were they??
    Oh - Fancy That.

  6. Those are so pretty! I want to make them now too!

  7. Emily, this is embarrassing, but I never found the perfect recipe to pair them with! I imagine they'd be best as a garnish on a cake, or chopped up and sprinkled over ice cream.



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