Only Dancing.

In just a few days, I'm heading to Martha's Vineyard with my family for a much-needed beach vacation. Until then, my goal for the coming week:

Happy Monday!

Photo by Rennie Ellis, via Tell You (Today).


Spent lots of time this week dreaming up new ideas for "sho & tell" - I'm excited to share them with you soon!

Have a restful weekend!

Image: Dayna Melton via FFFFOUND!

What Came First?

"What Came First?" by English designer Kyle Bean. More from the artist's portfolio, here.


I loved this profile of children's book author, Maurice Sendak, who - at 83 - has a new book coming out. Says Sendak, whose titles include Where the Wild Things Are: "My work is not great, but it’s respectable. I have no false illusions.”

Photo by Annie Leibovitz, via Vanity Fair.

Sweet Thing: Nana's.

"How good could a frozen banana on a stick possibly be?" my pre-Nana's self wondered.

Dipped in warm chocolate, topped with coconut and a touch of sea salt, eaten by the waterfront in the peak of summer? Pretty darn good.

Merry Monday.

Words of wisdom to kick off the week, courtesy of Mr. Jim Jarmusch.

Studiopatro tea towel via design is mine.

Topsy Turvy.

On my weekend itinerary: bowling, this book, and lots and lots of ice cream. (Anything to beat the heat!)

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about this blog and what direction I might like to take it going forward. I've felt a little scatterbrained thus far, but all the same, I'm having a great time experimenting, figuring it all out, and "meeting" all of you. As always, thank you for reading and for bearing with me as I get my, well, bearings.

See you Monday. Until then: stay cool, stay safe!

Image via Oh My Leftovers.

Spotted in NY.

Words of advice...

...and encouragement.

Just Browsing.

Recent discoveries:

"Sinfully rich" bacon marmalade at Whisk.

David Chang's new food journal, Lucky Peach, at Momofuku Milk Bar.

A piece from Ace & Jig's upcoming Fall/Winter 2011 collection, spotted in the window at Thistle & Clover.

A Garden At Your Fingertips.

Though I've managed to kill practically every plant I've ever owned, I have a feeling these may require decidedly less maintenance than the average potted perennial.

Wood and moss rings by Mr. Lentz.

Sweet Thing: Kin Shop.

It's hard to put into words the unique essence of Thai iced-tea. I've been at it now for the past 20 minutes - is smoky the right word? Burnt? Buttery?

Well, whatever it is, chef Harold Dieterle of Kin Shop (and Top Chef fame) has nailed it with this Thai iced-tea ice cream - right down to that trademark orange hue.

Seconds, please.

Listen & Love: The Civil Wars.

New York radio station WNYC recommends the music of the indie band, the Civil Wars, to "fugitives, sinners, and whiskey drinkers."

Triple-threat of that caliber, I am not; even still, consider me hooked.

Also, a fur stole similar to the one worn by singer Joy Williams in the video for "Barton Hollow" is now officially first on my fall shopping list. (Faux, of course.)

Also not-to-be-missed: a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love," here.

Photo by Tec Petaja, via the Downplayer.

Weekend Cheer.

To friends old...

...and new...'s to a very happy weekend! See you Monday!

Photos: 1) via Snaptorium and 2) via Bayanjargal.

Animals with Sharpies.

Bird babble, swan scribbles, wonky canine math: artists Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber imagine what might come from putting Sharpies into the paws, claws, and mouths of animals.

"Animals with Sharpies, 2009" via the Richard Heller Gallery.

New Yorkers, Come Craft!

Got plans Sunday afternoon, fellow New Yorkers? My dear friend, Stephania, who is one half of the team behind the cooking-and-crafting blog Thursdays, is co-hosting a garden party crafting event at Williamsburg's Spacecraft from 1-4 PM.

A crafting novice myself, I'm looking forward to brushing up on my do-it-yourself skills. This weekend's tutorial? Tin-can planters and fabric garden markers.

Admission to the workshop is $25; bring a friend, and you'll both get in for $15. (Wine, snacks, and supplies included.) More info on the event, here.

Images via Thursdays.


As a teenager obsessed with classic rock, I once dreamed of having Pete Townshend's guitar-wielding silhouette tattooed on my arm. In the years following, I've come to my senses (though I still love Pete), and have wavered on the topic of indissoluble ink ever since.

Enter Tattly, brainchild of Swissmiss, a new temporary tattoo shop featuring a slew of designs by artists including Julia Rothman and Jessica Hische.

Though Marc Johns's pipe-smoking rabbit is pretty hard to resist...

...I think this enigmatic scribble, by James Victore, is the one for me.

Wacky, whimsical, wonderfully washable. See a complete list of designers, here. All photos via Tattly.

Pet Pals.

Many thanks to the writers behind Harper Perennial's fabulous blog, the Olive Reader, for introducing me to "Writers and Kitties," a Tumblr feed celebrating the time-honored bond between writers and their whiskered sidekicks. (The photos are wonderful; the captions are treasures in themselves.) Highlights:

Raymond Chandler.

Truman Capote.

William S. Burroughs.

Samuel Beckett.

Also included in the same Olive Reader post, and equally worthy of acknowledgment: writers and their dogs, as captured by Jill Krementz. I love this one, of E.L. Doctorow and pal Becky, taking a dip.

Sweet Thing: Dough.

He had me at "vivid magenta hibiscus."

In February, the dead of New York winter, the Times ran a story written by dining editor, Pete Wells, on noteworthy doughnut shops around the city.

While I was already familiar with the grand, fancied creations of Mark Isreal at Doughnut Plant, and the fried classics at Greenpoint's Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop, this hibiscus business - dreamt up at a Brooklyn bakery called Dough - was something new. Never mind the chocolate glaze that was "rich enough to stop time." Hibiscus? On a doughnut? An instant must-try.

The dough - fittingly - was outstanding. The icing, however, was applied with a bit of a heavier hand than I would have liked. Flavorful, yes. Unusual, definitely. And the hibiscus flowers were a nice touch. But in order to savor this exceptional pastry in all its fluffy glory, I'd recommend sticking with the standards : plain old cinnamon-sugar more than makes the grade.

Spotted in NY: Solitary Socks.

An homage to companionless socks - I have more than a few I could add to this collection! - spotted July 9th on Bedford Avenue.

Shop Shape.

Quirky stand-outs from a Saturday stroll:

Hand shadow cards and knitwear tumblers, both from Cog & Pearl.

"The Bedside Book of Birds."

A magical unicorn card and bunny booties from Catbird. (I would happily wear these if they came in my size!)

Getting Off the Ground.

As the week comes to an end, an enormous thank you to friends, family, and total strangers for your incredibly kind and encouraging comments, tweets, and emails these past few days. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to me.

I'll be back on Monday; until then, best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Image: Robert and Shana Parkeharrison via Potz!Blitz!Szpilman!

Sidelong Glances.

I love the mystery and flirtation in these shots, from Max's latest engagement session. Nazneen and Ali make a stunning couple. Nazneen's pink and seafoam-green outfit's not so bad, either.

Sweet Thing: Coolhaus

It’s no secret to those who know me that my love of dessert borders on obsession. Apropos, I’ve decided to begin a quest to sample all the best sweets New York has to offer. Someone has to do it. You’ll see the results here, in a series called Sweet Thing. First up, my new favorite summer sugar fix:

Behold, the Coolhaus ice-cream sandwich. First served out of a refurbished postal truck at the Coachella music festival in 2009, these mammoth, made-to-order creations are now available in three cities, with a bricks-and-mortar shop on the way in Los Angeles. Inspired in part by the Bauhaus movement and the legendary Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, founders Natasha and Freya set out to create "architecturally inspired" ice-cream sandwiches using gourmet ingredients. Choose from a plethora of handmade flavors - on my visit, I tried roasted pear and nutmeg sorbet on double chocolate cookies.

Oh, and did I mention that the sandwiches come wrapped in edible paper?

Follow Coolhaus on Twitter for truck locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Allergic to Magic.

Remember this little girl, whose wide-eyed – and very creative – retelling of “Winnie the Pooh” went viral earlier this year?

The artist behind the Portland-based Etsy shop Sharks Keep Moving has created a tote bag inspired by her storytelling.

Even cooler: all proceeds from the shop go toward helping the artist – a young woman whose name I can’t seem to find anywhere – pursue her dream of purchasing a sailboat and circumnavigating the globe.

I also love these "Phases of the Moon" buttons.

Visit the shop, here.


Walking into Artists & Fleas, a weekly indoor flea market in Williamsburg, there's certainly no shortage of things to look at: handmade jewelry for days, racks upon racks of vintage finery, a live DJ spinning on an elevated platform.

Still, it was a taxidermy pigeon wearing a yellow party hat that drew me away from everything else, and over to artist Jackie Mock's tiny, lamplit corner.

Jackie collects found objects from far and wide and turns them into unique art pieces that celebrate the magic in the everyday. (“Anyone out there who can find me some dirt from Hawaii or Ohio?” she Tweeted recently.)

Some of my favorites from her collection:

"Pigeon Footprint Found in Snow, 2008"

"Water from American Places with European Names, 2010-11"

"Some Wins & Some Losses, 2011"

"The Entire Life of This Pen Stolen From a New York City Post Office, 2009"

More from Jackie Mock, including information about where she'll be showing her work next, here. All photos via Reliquarium and Jackie Mock.

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