Walking into Artists & Fleas, a weekly indoor flea market in Williamsburg, there's certainly no shortage of things to look at: handmade jewelry for days, racks upon racks of vintage finery, a live DJ spinning on an elevated platform.

Still, it was a taxidermy pigeon wearing a yellow party hat that drew me away from everything else, and over to artist Jackie Mock's tiny, lamplit corner.

Jackie collects found objects from far and wide and turns them into unique art pieces that celebrate the magic in the everyday. (“Anyone out there who can find me some dirt from Hawaii or Ohio?” she Tweeted recently.)

Some of my favorites from her collection:

"Pigeon Footprint Found in Snow, 2008"

"Water from American Places with European Names, 2010-11"

"Some Wins & Some Losses, 2011"

"The Entire Life of This Pen Stolen From a New York City Post Office, 2009"

More from Jackie Mock, including information about where she'll be showing her work next, here. All photos via Reliquarium and Jackie Mock.


  1. love her work. i'm still thinking about that deer in a party hat!

  2. I LOVE "Some Wins and Some Losses." Quirky and fun!

  3. Your title, alone, tells me I'll be enjoying your lovely blog.

    Clearly, creativity runs in the family. Have a stellar day :)


  4. LOVE her work. Excellent post. xoxo

  5. Yes, isn't her work amazing? Thank you all for such sweet comments :)



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