As a teenager obsessed with classic rock, I once dreamed of having Pete Townshend's guitar-wielding silhouette tattooed on my arm. In the years following, I've come to my senses (though I still love Pete), and have wavered on the topic of indissoluble ink ever since.

Enter Tattly, brainchild of Swissmiss, a new temporary tattoo shop featuring a slew of designs by artists including Julia Rothman and Jessica Hische.

Though Marc Johns's pipe-smoking rabbit is pretty hard to resist...

...I think this enigmatic scribble, by James Victore, is the one for me.

Wacky, whimsical, wonderfully washable. See a complete list of designers, here. All photos via Tattly.


  1. I love the Tattly tatts I got and think the one I sported this past weekend looked fabulous.



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