Building Nests, Eating Frogs.

Curiosities to kick off the weekend: birds' nests, some centuries-old, photographed by Sharon Beals,

Leah Goren's cotton dresses, printed with leaves and faces and blue birds,

and lastly, a baby - who just happens to be my nephew - with excellent taste in music.

More words, more pictures:
-Photographs of "Staff Picks" bookshelves in some of the country's best independent bookstores. (Speaking of which, what are you reading? I recently read this - which The New York Times called "mesmerizingly strange" - and loved it.)
-Words to know, including dactylonomy ("the art of counting on the fingers") and batrachophagous ("one who eats frogs").
-Rules for living: "love the children," "cavil in moonlight," "tune your ears," "howl often."

Have a wonderful weekend!

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