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Tweets, Tunes, Telegrams.

Distractions before the weekend: famous photographs reimagined using Play-Doh,

tweets turned into telegrams,

and the ever-crushworthy HAIM, covering Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough." Love this. (Photo by Bella Lieberberg.)

And three more, just for kicks:
-Culinary curiosities: turmeric tea, and a frozen Kit-Kat cake inspired by Roald Dahl, who consumed the candy daily. (According to Paper and Salt: "He would save their silver wrappers, adding them to a giant foil ball on his desk, where visitors to the Dahl house can still see it today.")
-Speaking of beauty products, this is one of my favorites.
-"What I Won't Tell You About My Ballet Dancing Son."

See you Monday! (Oh, and New Yorkers, come check out Photoville this weekend - it's a pop-up photo exhibition set up inside repurposed freight containers in Brooklyn Bridge Park. You'll love it, I promise.)

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