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Williamsburg Week.

What a week! My brother Max and sister-in-law, Margaux, paid an impromptu visit to Brooklyn and we spent three sun-soaked days eating up a storm and weathering a sudden heatwave. Below, some photos from our week together, courtesy of our Instagram accounts. (By the way, I just joined - you can follow me at @my_shokoko!) 

Highlights included French fries and ice cream at Reynards at the Wythe Hotel (our waiter told us it was the best order he'd ever seen), sunset on the hotel rooftop, and oysters at Maison Premiere. Also, that's me at middle right, spying on cute boys from Max and Margaux's hotel room window.

Oh, and I forgot to mention - my new Equals Record post went live on Tuesday. This week, I wrote about the general lack of free time in my life these days (which is truly a double-edged sword). You can find the post, here. Thank you so much for reading!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday.

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