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Hana Hou.

This morning, I'm excited to share a project I worked on recently for Hana Hou!, the in-flight magazine for Hawaiian Airlines. To celebrate its new direct flight from Honolulu to JFK, the latest issue includes three articles that list New York City travel recommendations for Hawaiian visitors. Each was authored by someone who used to live in Hawaii (I spent eight years there when I was growing up), and I had the honor of writing the dining feature. Since it's not a magazine that's available on newsstands, I thought I'd share some photos of it here. 

That's me, at Kyo Ya, one of my very favorite restaurants in New York. The caption on the photo describes me as being "in my element" there. I'd say that's accurate.

Other restaurants featured in the article: Victor's Cafe in the Theater District, and Tocqueville in Union Square. Both are wonderful. (I still dream about the truffled grits at Tocqueville, and the sticky guava cobbler at Victor's - yum.)

If you happen to find yourself on a Hawaiian Airlines flight in the near future, keep an eye out for the feature. A big thank you to Hana Hou! for the incredible opportunity!

Hana Hou! photos by Robert Caplin.

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