Starting Over.

This week's Equals Record post is about new beginnings. As I've written before, this year has been a challenging one thus far. I'd even go so far as to say it's been a bit of a mess. So a couple of weeks ago, a group of friends and I thought, why not start over?

An excerpt from the post: "‘Bad news,’ wrote my friend Natalie in a g-chat a couple of weeks ago. ‘Mercury isn’t even in retrograde yet.’ We’d had a conversation the day before about the challenges, the kinks and quirks, the general weirdness of the year thus far. We’d speculated that there must be some sort of cosmic explanation for all of it. Apparently, we were wrong. ‘What does this mean for us?’ I asked. ‘Shit hits the fan February 23rd,’ she replied. ‘Maybe I’ll hibernate,’ I wrote back."

Read the post in full, here. My Looking Forward archive (featuring posts about the ups and downs of "growing up" in my twenties) can be found here

And a bit of bittersweet news to share: this week's post will be my last on the Equals Record. I'll continue to write about similar themes on Sho & Tell on a regular basis - and will also be instituting other changes, both big and small, on my own site in the coming weeks - so stay tuned. Many thanks to Miya and Elisabeth for the incredible opportunity to write for such a beautiful site, and a big thank you to you, too, for your support, friendship, and kind words along the way. It's been a wonderful journey. Looking forward to what's next...

Top left photograph by Danni of Oh, Hello Friend. Top right unknown (please share if you know the photographer). Bottom image via Not All Who Wander Are Lost.

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