Urban Adventures.

Brilliant idea of the week: a new website called Vayable makes it possible for travelers - or just curious urbanites - to search for unique guided tours and other location-specific adventures by city or activity. ("Why follow the crowds, visit tourist traps, and see the same sights as everyone else?" the website asks. "A Vayable guide can show you the hidden secrets that only locals know.")

Vayable's NYC adventures include everything from a midnight street food crawl... a sunset sail of the Hudson. (Other adventures of note? Urban spelunking, a tour of Flushing's Chinatown, and a fishing excursion in Montauk.)

When Vayable asked if I'd like to test out a New York adventure, I of course said yes. (Life's about embracing adventure, right?) Having never been to the Met, I decided on a two-hour guided tour of some of the museum's most notable pieces, led by artist and very knowledgable tour guide Taso. (There he is below, in the red cap.)

Thanks to Taso's expertise, our little group learned so much about the museum and its innumerable highlights. A couple of personal favorites? This 19th century piano, with mother-of-pearl and tortoiseshell keys,

and John Vanderlyn's wrap-around painting of the gardens of Versailles (I could have spent hours in that room).  

A big thank you to Vayable and to Taso for introducing me to such an incredible New York institution. Very excited to visit again to see more. 

Book travel adventures of your own - and learn more about Vayable, here. Have a wonderful Monday!

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