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Attic Antics.

This tiny apartment is located in an attic in Madrid and belongs to a DJ, two facts that should automatically qualify it as the coolest place on Earth. In addition, though, it hosts a multitude of secrets and surprises: trap doors, hidden rooms, movable walls. There's also a swing, a tea room, a hanging table, and a disco ball. "Every house, in its way, is a theater where you perform your everyday life," say the architects. I love that.

Thanks, Fast Company. Visit architecture firm elii's website, here. Images by Miguel de Guzman. 

And speaking of interiors, my newest interview for Freunde von Freunden is up today. It features fashion designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, who make clothing out of materials like clear leather and fishing line. My favorite bit from our interview? Zoe's remark about an unfortunate haircut from her younger days: "I looked exactly like David Hockney and no one told me it wasn't okay." See the full feature, with photos by Brian Ferry, here.

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