Flowers in Flight.

There was a moment yesterday when I swore I could feel spring. I could feel its brightness, its colors. I could smell it. It felt tangible, and so close. Then I remembered it was January, and 35 degrees. That 35 degrees felt like spring because we'd just had nearly a week of weather with temperatures in the teens. Still, I remembered spring. And that made me happy.

While I've always loved the thread-wrapped arrows and silkscreened moon dominoes created by Brooklyn artists Fredericks & Mae, today was my first introduction to the duo's line of spring-like flowered kites, made to commemorate the Roman titan Flora. Says Gabriel Fredericks Cohen, "We're consistently attracted to items that occur in multiple contexts across the globe and throughout history. The arrow shows up in every culture on every continent. So do kites."

Visit Fredericks & Mae, here. Stay warm!

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