Spontaneous City.

I love the idea of Spontaneous City, created by Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson of London Fieldworks. Constructed using hundreds of bespoke birdhouses in two London locations, the project mirrors the different types of housing nearby: "a combination of Georgian town houses, 60's social housing around Duncan Terrace Gardens, and the World's End Estate."

When I was little, I imagined that entire worlds existed beneath my feet, in tunnels or holes underground, or above me, in the branches and brush of forests and jungles. Spontaneous City reminds me of that, city-fied. It's New York living, for the birds.

See more at London Fieldworks, here. Thank you, Design Ark. 


  1. This is awesome. There's an underground city in downtown Las Vegas, but it's all homeless people living in the sewer system, which creeps me out (and I am not easily creeped).

  2. Brianna, wow! I've never heard of that - I'd love to read more about it...



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