Hammocks & Candle Wax.

Overjoyed to share photos this morning from the newest Rue Magazine cover story, which I had the pleasure of writing and which features Emily in her lovely home. Emily's East Village apartment is barely 400 square feet, but she's managed to fit a hammock in her bedroom, and a world's worth of travel souvenirs in its nooks and crannies. 

"I had a non-stop year last year," she told me. "I was working more than ever and it was difficult to find time to unplug. I got the hammock as a sort of escape. It's its own little world, where I can sit and look out my window."

Other stand-out details: the photo collage on her front door, and a hardened pool of melted candle wax, which is the result of a spill in a former apartment. "I like physical expressions of the passage of time," she says

Emily's also just launched a new print shop called Terra Incognita, featuring iPhone photos from her many travels. Lily, Jamie, and I are considering this one for our living room.

Photos by Emily Johnston and Nicole Franzen for Rue Magazine. See the latest issue, here.


  1. Shoko! Thank you for these beautiful words. I'm so delighted our paths have crossed in work and friendship! xo

  2. what a gorgeous home. i love how cozy is looks and that looks so cuddly :)

  3. such a pretty room, I love the wall colour, the hammock and all the cute knick knacks :)

  4. I literally just found your blog through Erin Loechner. Then, I clicked on the most recent post in my bloglovin because I saw these gorgeous images, and bam! back again. I keep comin' around and I'm liking it. Beautiful! Can't wait to read the issue.

  5. Emily, it was such a total honor!

    Koseli, thank you so much! I'm so glad you found me! :)



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