What Did You Buy Today?

Illustrator Kate Bingaman-Burt has documented her daily purchases in the form of photographs and drawings for the past eight years. Can you imagine? Among my purchases in the past few days: plants; pancake ingredients; earrings shaped liked the moon; a deep, dark wine with notes of "black metal"; mouthwash.
According to her site, Kate also draws "passwords, mix tapes, stolen goods and yard sale signs…She will also take a picture of the back of your head if you sit in front of her on the bus."

See more at Kate Bingaman-Burt's website, here. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love her illustrations! Such a great way to stay creative. I would have to draw pictures of fabric and patterns and dog food. Yawn!

  2. Amazing! I cannot imagine doing that with every purchase, but I bet it helps keep you more mindful of what you spend. I could probably use a little of that.

  3. This is a much better way of keeping track of spending than looking at an online bank statement. The last few days, I've been stimulating our economy with a birthday dinner for an old friend at Battersby, gasoline (for the car), glitter nail polish, and cookies with Ryan Gosling's face on them...

  4. Also reminds me of this project: She's documenting one item that she owns every day and treating it like a daily writing exercise.

    xoxo Shoko my hero!

  5. This is SO brilliant! I would love to do something like this!

  6. I want to know what this wine is...

  7. Kathy, I'd love to see those cookies!

    Megan, I love that - and you!!

    Suzanna, it was from a neighborhood bar called Dram, and it was described on the menu as "black metal as fuck" :)



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