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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: For You.

In keeping with what's become tradition on this blog, a few ideas for treating yourself on Valentine's Day. Instead of diamonds, why not wings? Instead of wine, tea?  In place of flowers, how about stained glass feathers or a perfume that smells like ghosts and roses? In lieu of lace, painted cotton?  (I obviously can't get enough of these.)

A personal favorite among this set: a little gray book called Dangerous Women, which features found photography commemorating mischievous girls. I like it as an alternative to a love poem.
Clockwise, from top left: Stained glass feather, $120; Wing earrings, $61.98; Striped britches, $36; Brushstroke mug, $26; Ghost Rose solid perfume, $34; Dangerous Women, $18.

Other ideas, no wallet necessary: write, paint, cook, wander. Plant a tree, make a fort, eat cookies for breakfast. Dance. Sing. Play hide-and-seek. Whatever you do, have a happy one.

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