The Sea, the Sky, the Dreaming Katydids.

After a dazzling spring-like weekend - during which I attempted to sunbathe in a bright corner of a coffee shop and spent an evening kicking back at a neighborhood bar with this guy (name unknown) - it's winter again, with daytime highs hovering near freezing.

To focus on the positive: beautiful things happen when the temperature drops - biologist Jeff Bowman knows. On his way back from the North Pole in 2009, he found a blooming garden in the midst of an ice-cold sea. "Frost flowers," he tells NPR's Robert Krulwich. "They were everywhere."

Read more about the science behind frost flowers at NPR, here. Photos by Matthias Wietz.

More for Monday:
-My friend Maria (creator of these beautiful prints and calendars) was interviewed on Refinery29 last week. It's worth checking out for her outfits alone, and for her sky-blue toenails.
-Adrianna's doughnut ice cream, served with doughnuts on the side - and sprinkles, of course.
-And this, by Shirley Jackson via Tin House: "…even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream."


  1. What a beautiful way to look at this frigid weather! Thank you so much for sharing this-- reminds me that there is some magic in the freeze of winter.

  2. In the words of Mary Oliver, these frost flowers "more or less kill me with delight."

  3. Rebecca H x 2. By the way, you should have asked his phone number:)

  4. This is beautiful! And I'm adding Shirley Jackson's book to my reading list.

    I can't believe I was wearing a T-shirt yesterday and am back in a turtleneck today...

  5. What! That's incredible!

  6. Rebecca, my pleasure!

    Sam, my thoughts exactly.

    Sherry, he wasn't that into me :)

    Kathy, I was outside in the backyard of a bar for hours yesterday; today I left the house once.



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