Kaleidoscope Eyes.

A few weeks ago, I linked to a pair of handmade kaleidoscope glasses after spotting a pair in one of my favorite neighborhood shops, Beautiful Dreamers (which is home to this long-coveted felt hat - sometimes I stop in just to visit it).

Last night, I did some reading on the man behind the glasses, Brent Paul Pearson, an LA-based artist who fashioned the spectacles to "enhance perception" - and, interestingly, to time travel. (More on that here.)

Apparently, the experience is powerful: writes Tanja M. Laden of Flavorwire, "one woman who used them to stare at the full moon for 10 minutes ended up speechless and crying, while a chef used them to eat his dessert because he wanted to know if they would affect his sense of taste, too." (Also, yes, that is Edward Sharpe three photos up, surveying the land through laser-cut lenses.)

Read more at the Future Eyes website, here. Top photo via Beautiful Dreamers. Photo of Alexander Ebert by Stewart Cole. All other images via Future Eyes.



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