Locating Legends.

I'm completely fascinated by Bob Egan's PopSpots, a website dedicated to tracking down the sites of famous films, photographs, and paintings in New York City. "Manhattan is constantly being torn down and rebuilt anew," Bob writes, "And I'm trying to find these places while they are still around." 

That last shot just might be my favorite - The Who will always be my #1!

See more at the PopSpots website, here. Found via Twisted Sifter. 


  1. Ah, so cool! Makes you think that you could be walking by any famous spot like that and not even know it. :)

  2. Wow this is really cool!!!!!!
    I have never heard of this. I want to take a trip to NY and find all of these places. I love the Bob Dylan picture.


  3. When I wrote about PopSpots, I had some awesome conversations with the founder, Bob Egan. He's super willing to track down any spots that people might want - album covers, famous images, whatever. The detective work he puts into this stuff is INSANE. I love love love the idea and the site.


  4. This is very cool, would be good to research this before having apartment guests!

  5. wow, that Bob Dylan one. I need it.

  6. Brings tourism to a whole new level, can you imagine? "Can you take me to the 'West Side Story' cover?" :)

  7. Oh, I saw the West Side Story one before! It's such a great overlay - it really connects the idea that all of these things are shot in real places, and not just a random set they create.
    ♥ xixia |

  8. This is awesome! Reminds me of Dear Photograph with album covers!

  9. Emily, I want to do that, too! I'm already in NY, though, so I guess I have no excuse not to :)

    Liz, I had no idea you'd interviewed him! That's awesome. I can't wait to check that out.

    Xixia, yes! I think that's the nicest part.

  10. That is SO awesome. I love the stuff you find!
    Ronnie xo



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