This week on the Equals Record: thoughts on spending much of my day in front of a screen, and the nagging temptations to disconnect... excerpt from the new post: "On the rare occasion that I meet someone who’s not on Facebook, I find myself having two distinct reactions: first comes surprise; next comes envy. What would it be like, I wonder, not to have the urge to scroll through a newsfeed; not to be concerned with checking to see if it’s someone’s birthday; not to feel obliged to comment on a friend’s new profile photo?"

See the post in its entirety at the Equals Record, here. Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I'm going to check out this post right now! Well, after this comment at least. :P
    I really like what you excerpted tho - it captures the obligations, almost, of Facebook so well. I have to say, I don't think I met anyone yet who doesn't have a Facebook.
    ♥ xixia |

  2. Funny because I just wrote about trying to up my social media savvy! :)

    Can't even fathom what it would be like to disconnect!

  3. Loved the post, Shoko. As always. I just love the way you think and write. :)
    Ronnie xo

  4. beautifully written, shoko! disconnecting from the online world seems virtually impossible these days, but i managed to do just that in december of 2010. i turned everything off for almost 3 weeks, and looking back, i have no clue how i did it? I stopped blogging /tweeting/messaging/emailing and so on... i spent the holidays with my family, enjoyed food and restaurants, talked to strangers, went to concerts and didn't think of checking my emails once. i just disconnected and it felt SO GOOD! i was really stressed out after a horrible semester of school and my business hadn't taken off yet, so i just paused for a minute...

    i don't know if i could do that again?

  5. Shoko, I adore your contributions to the Equals Record and have had very similar thoughts lately. Left a longer comment over at TER. Have a great rest of your week!

  6. Great story Sho! I hate to to sound completely old fashioned and out of the loop but while I have a FB account I use it very minimally, mostly to keep in touch with a few family members. I don't have twitter, pinterest, instagram (and in fact don't even have a cell phone), although I often feel like, as a blogger, I am sort of obligated to be involved in those mediums, each day of 'should' turns into another day of 'didn't'. I do feel I'm missing something but at the same time I'm afraid to begin, lest I enter a vortex of time sucking that I can't escape! I think there must be a happy medium somewhere.

  7. I loved the article! I like to take a few days off of technology every now and then, but it is hard when so many people use the internet and phones to communicate.

  8. Another thought-provoking piece. I work in research and blog during my spare time- so the amount of time I spend in front of my "devices" is quite alarming.

    One of my yearly resolutions is to act with purpose in everything I do- big or small. If I intend to simply respond to email- then I don't idly check Facebook while I'm online. If I intend to blog- then I blog and explore others blogs; if I intend to relax- then I place my phone on the far end of the room and settle down with tea and good book.

    I'm not always successful- but I think that by being more conscientious of how I spend my time- then I can mitigate the amount of time I mindlessly troll the internet instead of spending my time in a more meaningful way.

  9. I have never had a Facebook account, and let me just tell you –– it's a beautiful life. I never regret it.

  10. I deactivated my Facebook account three months ago, and don't miss it at all. I've found life to be a lot simpler without it. There is a part of me that is a little nervous about starting school this fall without it, but not enough to go back!

    Thanks for another great piece this week :)

  11. Kim, that sounds absolutely amazing. I would LOVE to do that!

    Loulou, I think there can definitely be a happy medium, but it'd be a tricky one to find. I think that if it works for you not to participate in those things, then that's great - don't worry about "shoulds"!

    Kristina, that's a wonderful resolution. Thank you for the inspiration - I'm going to try to keep that in mind, too!

    Kelsey & Kathy, I believe it! That's so nice to hear. I'm very, very tempted to do the same...

  12. I did go and read your post. I completely get where you're coming from... as much as we are connected, it seems like we're so much more disconnected to people and their hearts, and who they are. I miss that.

    I left FB for two months last year and it was glorious. The reason I got back on (sadly) is because I was missing a bunch of friends events. They'd only thought to invite people to birthday get togethers, etc. via FB, so I missed out. And I didn't want to miss out.

    How I relate to social media now has changed. I will only do it if it has meaning or inspires and really connects people. So I blog, and that's pretty fun. But FB has been super limited and I like it that way now. My Twitter account is virtually lifeless. 140 characters or anything isn't enough for me. :)

    Anyway, thanks again for the post and I'm really glad you're blogging. You're very thoughtful and articulate, and you post such interesting things. Thanks for that. :)



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