Let Go.

My post this week on the Equals Record is one of my most personal yet. For starters, I talk about how learning to relax a little and just let go led me to believe in miracles. Sound weird? I know. Skeptical? I totally understand. Give it a read if you like, and let me know what you think.

An excerpt from the new post: I was seventeen-years-old when I decided that miracles were real. A senior in high school and knee-deep in anxiety over college, boys, fitting in, moving out (just about everything, really), I'd grown accustomed to spending many nights, hands clasped, sending silent prayers to a nameless god: "Please let me get in to my first-choice college. Please let the cute boy in math class - the one who's never even looked my way - notice me. Please let the fact that I'm graduating and moving away be a dream I can wake up from." (Let me pause here to say how embarrassing this last bit was to write - did I really lose sleep over these sorts of things?) Anyway, one night, mid-worry and seemingly out of the blue, it hit me. Why was I afraid?

See the rest at the Equals Record, here. Thanks so much, as always, for reading!

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