In Her Clutches.

Before I started working from home, I carried what seemed like my entire life with me in my bag. Books, magazines, laptop, note pad, umbrella,  iPhone, the odd lollipop or Hershey's Kiss - in New York, when you're car-less, you've got to haul it all. For me, this required carrying a ridiculously large purse - my "mom purse," as I called it. (Note: I am not a mom.) 

Now that I no longer commute, however, I find myself leaving home with decidedly less: my keys, my phone, my Metrocard. It's got me thinking that it may finally be time to trade in the mom purse in favor of something a little more petite. Like one of these quirky clutches from Roxy Marj. The size, the shape, the cheerful prints - I'm smitten.

Shop more at Roxy Marj, here. (Bottom two photos via the Roxy Marj blog. Check it out - I'm a huge fan!)

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