Cool People, Cool Cameras.

How cool are these photos of Michael Jackson, Nick Drake, Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page wielding awesome old-school cameras? Makes me want to abandon my iPhone and tinker around with my vintage Polaroid this weekend (even though it takes blue-tinged photos every time).

Any plans for the next couple of days? I have a friend visiting from San Francisco so I'll be playing tour guide. Luckily, the heat should taper off just in time. Have a happy weekend!

Via Retronaut. (Know the photographers? Please share!)


  1. Hey totally off topic, but I remember you saying you went to India? Right? We are gonna be in Nepal for awhile this next year and thinking of making side trip to India. Any recommendations and did you go it alone or with a tour? Feel safe? Thanks for any help!

  2. These photos are ice cold cool! Have a great weekend, Shoko!

  3. that's the stuff! these are awsesome. I love the retronaut. we might be heading to CP too...well, to the zoo assuming it doesn't rain! :) x

  4. Would love to see their photos! You should have added Max to the list! :)

  5. Neat photos! Enjoy your visit with your friend :)


  6. Taylor, yes! I'll email you! :)

    Monica, crossing my fingers for no rain!

  7. These pictures are amazing!! There's a tumblr I found a little while ago of it just being celebrities and their cameras. These would be great additions. :)
    And ah, have fun being a guide!
    ♥ xixia |

  8. All three photos look so cool! Love vintage cameras and polaroid too! xo akiko
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