A big thank you to Megan for introducing me to Chelsea Hodson's Inventory, a blog chronicling the writer's attempt to catalog every one of her possessions. She posts photos of each item alongside a short reflection or a quote. As shown below, for example, there's a tube of illuminator, a copy of Breakfast at Tiffany's, a hairbrush, riding pants. 

Of the pants, Chelsea writes: "This path will lead us home, I say. What path? You say. This path, I say, taking your hand & pointing it to the left.There is no path but I'd like for you to believe in something right now. If I can keep you believing then I can keep neglecting my faith, I can keep dragging it on a leash, we never have to go home."

As a writer, I love this idea as a form of daily practice. "When I moved back to Brooklyn from Los Angeles earlier this year, I thought, why not make a list of every single thing I'm taking with me?" Chelsea tells The Missouri Review. "Writing about each item seemed like a good opportunity for an exercise: I put something online every day no matter what. Even if I can't write well that day, it's just about completing the list I started."

Visit Chelsea Hobson's website, here, and her Tumblr, here.

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  1. Marvelous! What beautiful words.

  2. An interesting visual journal documentation idea!

  3. This of course appeals to me! It's a wonderful cataloging experiment. :)

  4. Super awesome! I would love to do something similar. If only I had the time! :/

  5. lovely and so smart.

  6. Natalie, I knew you'd like it!

  7. I love her reflections on each object. I've often thought about doing something like this, but with my shoes and books (both of which I have way too many of). This is some good inspiration...

  8. I've been thinking about setting myself more stringent everyday goals, just so I don't have that excuse of "I'm not feeling it today" :P

  9. Kathy, do it! I would love to read that!



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