Pantry Peeks.

Pantry Confidential - which reveals "how food lovers actually eat in their own homes" - is one of my new favorite websites. Founders Hana and Christine ask chefs and culinary enthusiasts for kitchen secrets and peeks into their pantries - in one feature, Kill The Recipe writer Mark Andrew Gravel confesses a passion for heirloom cowpeas and dub reggae ("my favorite thing to cook to");

in another, food editor and salad expert Mindy Fox shares that her new refrigerator has her in "supreme fridge heaven" and offers this interesting knife-skills tidbit: "The way you slice a vegetable impacts the way you experience its texture and flavor; the same goes with cheeses and other ingredients."

Meanwhile, Olga Massov of Sassy Radish describes a dream meal that includes Wellfleet oysters, clam pizza, and cold borscht. I also love her thoughts on writing: "Writing is a muscleI try to write every day. Random thoughts and bits. Things that no one ever sees. Sometimes it's just a sentence or two. Other times it's pages. It all depends. Sometimes you start writing about a chair you're sitting on and how you should've paid a little extra and purchased lumbar support (if only you knew it was an option!) and you wind up remembering a cake your grandmother made. Just the process of putting words on paper is excellent."

For more, visit Pantry Confidential, here. Photographs by Christine Han.

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