I'm completely blown away by Kreuz, an artist whose felt creations are grouped into categories named after clouds. Items in the Cumulus collection are inspired by the shapes we see in the sky as children, for instance, and include the made-to-order hats and cactus mittens below.

At top is a beret Kreuz calls We met on a snowy day in the woods, which depicts "quiet pine trees, a steamy hot spring pond, foot prints on a snow-covered land, and a disappearing tail."

Kreuz's Stratus collection features wool hats and headpieces "inspired by the vast sea and sky, quiet moss-covered rock, the texture of earth and forests, and beautiful wild lives." (From top to bottom are a bear, a tapir, a goat, and some sort of mythical creature I find both bizarre and bewitching.)

Lastly, the Cirrus series are "little aliens growing out of the palette left by a painter. They evolve, gather together, and build up their own cosmos." 

It's all very strange and beautiful. See more at Kreuz's website, here, and Etsy shop, here.


  1. wowowowow. these are whimsically awesome.

  2. They remind me of something that would be in a Haruki Murakami Novel! Other worldly beautiful

  3. these are so fantastical and so ethereal. i love them! so impressed!

  4. I want that grizzly bear!



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