Swings & Slides.

For Monday morning daydreaming: these swings, designed by Johanna Richter, which come in beechwood and wool felt varieties and are meant to resemble a beaded necklace…

…and Korea's Panorama House, which features a polished wooden staircase that functions as an enormous bookshelf and, more notably, a slide. "Grown-ups love [it]," says architect Moon Hoon.

More swings & slides:
-"The Swing at the End of the World." (Breathtaking. Thanks, Dana.)
-Christopher Duffy's Swing Table.
-A bright-white slide in Tokyo.

Happy Monday! Slide photos: top two by Huh Juneul; the rest by Namgoong Sun.


  1. I want both in my house. I am totally a grown up kid. :)

  2. I'm familiar with Johanna Richter's work - the swings would be such a dreamy addition to our living quarters :) I love the Panorama House too - books and slides...simply perfect!

  3. Torn from my daydreams.

  4. That swing at the end of the world is breathtaking! I want to go there.

  5. The first time I saw Moon Hoon's Panorama house I thought I wish I grew up in a place like that!
    I also love his other architecture designs! They're super cool!

  6. How much fun would that be in your house! Kids would go nuts (as would I;)

  7. So, these are kind of brilliant.



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