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Ailurophiles and Inglenooks.

This list by linguist Robert Beard has been making the rounds for ages; as someone who loves words, I always take a moment to scroll through whenever I see it on a blog or Tumblr feed. Recently, I looked for interviews with Beard to find out what exactly makes a word beautiful - turns out, it's simple: "It's the sound and the meaning and the way they fit together," he tells Bucknell University. 

He likes petrichor ("the smell of earth after rain") and gossamer and lagoon; personally, I'd add alphabet and lollipop and kaleidoscope. What words do you love?

Find Bucknell's interview with Robert Beard, here

More words: 
-Completely accidental - and often very beautiful - haiku.
-A blog devoted to "strange and lovely words" (like jentacular, which means "relating to breakfast.")

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