Bird's Bounty.

Laura Bird, wherever you are, I'm in love with your work. I love these women sitting on rocks, with overgrown arms and blue-gray hair (a trait, according to my five-year-old niece, reserved only for mermaids).

I love this vase, with its jewel-toned lagoon and painted tiger, and this one, with its happy crouching bather. (With the proper plant, they'd be shielded from the sun.)

And I love this egg-shaped lantern, too, with its crossed legs and big leaves and that little blue cat, with holes punched all around for letting out the light. 

Other curiosities: a mug with eyes, a best friends vase, swimmers reclining in shallow stoneware pools (perfect for keeping jewelry, Bird says). Bookmarking it all. See more, here.

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  1. Love these!!! They look so earthy and comfortable!

    Here's what has been inspiring me lately:

    Have you seen House of Cards? I adore it!

    Love from Germany,


  2. These are such beautiful sculptures and pieces. They remind me of ancient Cycladic art and matriarchic communities. So pretty.

  3. These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing Shoko!

  4. Sarah, I haven't, but I hear only good things :)

  5. i love these! thanks for posting!



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