These days, I work semi-regularly in the company of other freelancers. We meet in coffee shops or at each other's apartments, crowding around tables or crouching on couches. This week, we met at Emily's. She made us cake and a pot of very strong coffee and we stayed all day. (She took the photos below, which can be found on her Instagram. You can also read more about her home, which I covered for a recent issue of Rue Magazinehere.)

Setting times to meet forces us to focus - and to leave the house. And while freelancing has many upsides (for example, you can order pizza for lunch, then fall into a food coma on the floor and no one bats an eye), it's also a precarious business. It can be a lonely one. For that reason, it's nice to have a community. For me, it's a godsend to have this one. 

For those familiar with the challenges of a creative career, Henry Miller's work commandments are an excellent read. My favorite is the third: Don't be nervous. Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand. 

Wishing you a happy weekend - rest, wander, work (or not). Next week: grizzly bears, windswept trees, and a brand-new POV. Until then!


  1. This is amazing. Right now, with the girls being so young, I only work on Thursdays and so I make it a point to avoid going to places where other freelancers are hanging out. But I imagine doing this some day--sharing a studio, or hanging out at the same cafe like a regular. :)

  2. That sounds great!!!

    A few lines on my bitter-sweet birthday today and greetings from Germany:


  3. I wish I had a freelancing community to turn to locally. It's isolating work and I often don't leave the house, especially on weekends. We have a coworking space in my town, but it's kind of expensive and not open on weekends, unfortunately.

  4. Oh wow, totally wish I had this. Sounds so lovely.

  5. I'm still on the search for a community like that here in LA. For now, I make the solo trek to random coffee shops sometimes, and let music keep me company while I work in my bedroom. =] Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

  6. I love that quote. Hope you had a happy weekend!

  7. this looks so lovely

  8. Bambi, I hope you feel better!!

    Brianna, Lauren, and Rachel, it took me a while to find mine - years, at this point! But it was totally worth the wait.



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