Hide This, Please.

Hello again from New York City! After eight amazing days (and thirty hours in transit each way), I'm back in my Brooklyn apartment with my head spinning. What an adventure - I can't wait to share more about it! I'll post pictures later this week - either Wednesday or Thursday; in the meantime, here's something lighthearted for this rainy Monday morning. 

Below, a few stand-outs from Ransom Riggs's collection of found photos with self-deprecating captions. (Thank you, Natalie, for pinning.) Very happy these shots didn't end up out the window or in the fireplace, as the women below hoped.

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Also, on a personal note, exciting news from while I was gone: I appeared in the first tutorial for Joanna Goddard's new Cup of Jo beauty series - on freckles! - and my nephew, Dash, celebrated his first birthday. Can't believe it. How have the last ten days treated you?

More from Ransom Riggs (including a bookTalking Pictures), here. Via Mental Floss


  1. I love these. I know that we have a few of these kind of gems in the family photo boxes.

  2. So nice to have you back. Welcome home!

  3. Hooray! I hope you had a great time, it certainly looked like it!

    These photos are amazing! It makes me want to start captioning photos (of course, I'll have to print them out first...)

  4. Glad you're back safe and sound Shoko. Can't wait too see pics and read accompanying stories! I saw you on Cup of Jo and thought you looked so beautiful! So beautiful, in fact, that I ran out and bought that almay lip balm, lol. Cheers, Rasheeda.

  5. I love these, and so many of the photographs remind me of photos in my grandmother's albums.

    Also, you look so beautiful in the freckle post! Lovely!!!

  6. oh gosh I'm always on the look out for old photos at thrift stores - no luck just yet :(

    How sweet are you with freckles!

    I look forward to hearing about your adventures too!

  7. Tara, yes, the printing thing is problematic sometimes :)

    Rasheeda, that makes me so happy to hear - thank you!

    Daina, thank you so much!

    Thelma, thank you! Can't wait to share.

  8. Ha, those are funny! Welcome home.



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