I stumbled upon artist Simon Evans's work in a jet-lagged haze this morning, courtesy of Joana's Pinterest. His 2008 piece, "Everything I Have," makes the impassioned organizer in me very happy (though my collections of Polaroids, books, and back issues of now-defunct magazines would make a project of this magnitude more than a little daunting)!

See more of the artist's work, here. Image via the James Cohan Gallery.

PS: Are you on Pinterest? I'm always looking for new boards to follow. You can find mine, here.


  1. Goodness, that is wild. Dunno why this is my fixation on this, but that would be a pretty handy document for backup in case anything happened to your stuff, ha.

    Really cool :)

  2. Just checked out your pinterest. love it! now following, and you can find me here:

    undeniable style

  3. This is amazing! It would be so interesting to see, although I don't believe I have the patience to create my own!

    I love Pinterest! Such a great source of inspiration. You can find me here:

  4. he, he, you're the best! can't wait to catch up! xx j

  5. Kate - I agree! Very handy indeed.

    kate@undeniable style and Sarah - Thank you! Following you both now!

  6. This is brilliant! YOu can find my boards here if you're interested xx

  7. Fantastic! Following you now, too, Crystal!

  8. That is just insane. I wonder how much stuff I actually have. I can imagine how ashamed I might be just doing this with all my bathroom cosmetic stuff. I might end up tossing half of what I own in the process. Maybe I should get on that! ;)

  9. Taylor - I know, "ashamed" is an accurate word for how I'd feel, too :) I have so much stuff I don't use!



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