Nailed It.

No trip to Tokyo would be complete without a stop in Harajuku. On Wednesday, Margaux and I decided to forgo the "doctor fish" pedicure that I mentioned earlier this week in favor of trinket-adorned, Harajuku-style manicures (we were thinking something along the lines of this). In the end, we went for something a little (read: a lot) safer; nonetheless, we were thrilled with the result.

Here we are, having just arrived nearly a half hour late to our appointment at Ange Tokyo - we got lost on the way over, and spent the better portion of an hour circling Harajuku, looking for the salon.

Once we settled in, our manicurists helped us choose polish, glitter, and colorful stones - with the assistance of our trusty translator, a.k.a. my mom. 

An hour later...

It's hard to see the details, but Margaux's sunny circles are made up of dozens of tiny gold beads.

My manicure included a mixture of large stones (again, hard to see here), pink and silver glitter, and one tiny, hand-painted black cat.

They may not have been the outlandish creations we'd originally envisioned, but they were still quite a departure for two girls who normally opt for plain old, un-bedazzled red. 

Below, our sweet manicurists, Yoko and Yuriko, with their very happy customers.

Got a trip to Japan in your future? Visit Ange Tokyo's website, here, or call 03-6413-1590 to make an appointment.


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