14 Hours.

Though I'm a fairly experienced traveler, I'm getting more and more nervous about my upcoming 14-hour flight to Japan this Sunday. (I'll be in Tokyo for Thanksgiving this year.) It's been a while since I've taken such a long flight, and, to add insult to injury, I just found out there will be no wifi on the plane. What exactly does one do in this situation? 
So far, I've got "The Marriage Plot," Korres lip balm, and - most importantly - a travel-sized Nutella in my carry-on. Clothing-wise, in order to maximize comfort, I've decided I'm going to dress as though I'm going to bed: soft leggings, a big sweater, punchy socks in case it's cold. 

For the rest of it, though, I need your help - what else would you recommend packing for a long flight? Any tips on how to get through it comfortably? Any and all suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!


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