14 Hours.

Though I'm a fairly experienced traveler, I'm getting more and more nervous about my upcoming 14-hour flight to Japan this Sunday. (I'll be in Tokyo for Thanksgiving this year.) It's been a while since I've taken such a long flight, and, to add insult to injury, I just found out there will be no wifi on the plane. What exactly does one do in this situation? 
So far, I've got "The Marriage Plot," Korres lip balm, and - most importantly - a travel-sized Nutella in my carry-on. Clothing-wise, in order to maximize comfort, I've decided I'm going to dress as though I'm going to bed: soft leggings, a big sweater, punchy socks in case it's cold. 

For the rest of it, though, I need your help - what else would you recommend packing for a long flight? Any tips on how to get through it comfortably? Any and all suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!


  1. first of all, make sure you have credit card to buy some drinks. second of all, download many mags and books on your ipad. make the 14 hours to catch up lost slumber. no fear.

  2. I should also mention that I've been given many, many fabulous book recommendations, including "Shantaram", "She's Come Undone", "Rules of Civility" and Mindy Kaling's new book. The Kindle has been loaded up!

  3. i think you sound like you're all set to go! the only other thing i would recommend, if it's feasible, is a pillow (helps me so much to have something soft to cuddle into when i want to sleep on a plane). OH, and most importantly, how you think of it. I try to approach flights like this as an adventure. I get in that travel mindset of feeling lucky to be going somewhere and focus on the fun to be had at the destination! you will be great. xoxo

  4. pencil and a pad and doodle up a storm. If you end up hitting a sweet spot in your brain it can take up a few hours easily. Dont forget a Smoke City album to listen to

  5. sleeping pills? :)

    and a big scarf. a scarf always warms me up if i'm freezing and makes a good pillow.

  6. ps- i also love kiko's advice. :) so wish we were going with you!

  7. Audiobooks are the best for when you're tired of reading and you just want to close your eyes. It's like being a child again !! That's just what I do to cope with really bad car sickness.

  8. tokyo??? what an amazing place to be for thanksgiving, shoko! does your family live there?

    looks like you are ready to travel in comfort--i especially love the nutella :). what airlines are you traveling on by the way? whenever i fly to asia it seems like each seat has a personal t.v. with a lot of good movies to watch--hoping it will be that way for you! :)

    have the best trip!

  9. definitely take something soft to lay your head on :)

  10. I used to fancy the idea of spritzing rose water on my face during long flights so I'd always pack a travel bottle. I never once used it! :)

    I'd bring a large wrap but otherwise looks to me like you're all set!

    Safe travels!

  11. Thank you, guys! This is amazing. I feel so much better about this now.

    Sarah - You are so right. This IS an adventure - I should just be excited! I wish you were coming, too!

    Anonymous - I will definitely check out Smoke City - thank you!

    Becca - A scarf, yes! Very smart. Sleeping pills - very smart, as well :)

    Ana - I've never listened to one, but this would be the perfect time to start - awesome idea.

    Jennifer - Yes, my mom's side of the family is there - I love visiting but haven't been in a few years! I'm flying Delta - I hope there will be personal TVs. That would be fantastic!

    Katherine - Absolutely. I hate leaning against the window without a pillow. Thanks!

    Erin - I love this idea, too. It's so glamorous!

    I'll let you guys know how it goes! Thank you so much again!

  12. I definitely second the audio books. After a while, holding a kindle and reading can become it bit much for my eyes.
    Also, I would upload a couple videos to your ipad, if possible. Do you have the ability to get any magazines on your kindle? That might be another great way to pass the time.

  13. hooray!! download an entire season of a show you've been wanting to watch on your ipad. i just did this for our flights to/from atlanta and it made the time go by SO quickly. can't wait to see you soon! xoxo

  14. Eleanor - Me too! My eyes can only take so much screen time. And yes, magazines are a must. Thank you!

    Margaux - See you soon!!

  15. Eeeek book twin, I should have warned you - I ABHORRED the Marriage Plot! I hope you liked it better than I did.

  16. Oh no! Really?! So far, I have very mixed feelings but I'm going to keep plugging away...

  17. Shoko, could you please share what you use to make these wonderful collages? Thank you.

    You flight is over but for the way back, putting movies on your computer/ipad really does make the time fly!

    Great blog!

  18. Anonymous - Thank you so much! I use Photoshop to make the collages - I had no idea how to use it until I went to Blogshop. It was such a great class - I'd totally recommend it!



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