Hello from Japan.

Door to door, it was an eighteen-hour journey, but here I am - finally! - blogging from my grandparents' kitchen table in Tokyo. (We didn't have internet until this morning, so I apologize for missing a day yesterday.) I don't have pictures to share yet, but it's bound to be a busy week - in between visits with family, I'm hoping to eat as much as possible, indulge in some sort of out-there, only-in-Japan beauty treatment (like a "doctor fish" pedicure),

and, lastly, visit a cat cafe with Margaux, my sister-in-law. What's a cat cafe, you ask? It's where cat lovers confined to living in tiny Japanese apartments can indulge their cravings for feline attention. We're hoping to run into this guy while we're there (if you haven't heard of Maru, this is an absolute must-see):

Readers who've been to Japan: if you have any recommendations for things to see or do, let me know! Hope you're all having a lovely week.

Photo by Eric Rechsteiner/Panos via Marie Claire.


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