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My weekend was busier than usual - almost but not quite mad. I had a Korean BBQ dinner; watched my very first boxing match (on TV) - in a crowded Brooklyn barbershop, no less; took a trip to the flea market for doughnuts and pierogis, and visited the U.N. I'm dragging my feet a bit this morning, but I'm already excited for next weekend, when I'll be boarding a plane for Japan - this year, my family will be spending Thanksgiving in Tokyo. Can't wait to share my adventures there with you! That said, what did you do on the weekend? And what are your plans for the holidays?

Have a very happy Monday!

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  1. Ah! Amazing! I love Tokyo. Can't wait to hear about your trip. Where do you stay?

  2. Whoa! That's one busy weekend. Doughnuts and pierogis? Can't go wrong with that!

  3. Chelsea - I'm so excited! I love Tokyo, too, and I haven't been in ages. When we go, we stay at my grandparents' house in Ogikubo. Where do you usually stay?

    Leslie - Turns out, doughnuts and pierogis is an ideal breakfast - salty, sweet, and substantial! Maybe not the healthiest meal in the world, though... :)

  4. So, so awesome! I've only been once but we stayed at a pretty good hostel in Asakusa. It was so fun to be close to lots of fun markets, temples, etc. Take lots of pictures to share! :)

  5. haha did you watch the Pacquiao match? it would have been very good! I am so jealous you're going to Japan, it's one of my favourite countries. You should visit that restaurant where that big fight scene from Kill Bill was filmed. Oh you're going to have the most amazing time! can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Never had pierogis before. Never actually typed pierogis before. Pierogis. Pierogis. Pierogis.

    Neat word. Pierogis.

  7. Charity - Yes, the Pacquiao match! It was so much fun - I loved it. And yes, I can't wait to tell you guys about all about my trip! :)

    Plum Girl - Never had pierogis?? Try them ASAP - you'll love them!



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