Paper Cuts.

Recently "favorited" on Etsy:  remarkable paper dolls (almost) too pretty to play with, including this "Girl with Reindeer" by dubrovskaya,

and this brilliant blue pigeon from illustrator Faye Moorhouse.

Also, this breathtaking cardboard typewriter is just too beautiful not to post. "I'm sorry to say it isn't functional," writes artist Stacie Van Arsdale, "but I think it definitely makes up for it in charm."


  1. Wow that typewriter is phenomenal! x

  2. The typewriter is really amazing. I want it all!

  3. These are beautiful. LOVE the typewriter. If only I lived in a house big enough to have a table in a hallway dedicated to display. the typewriter would be on it!
    thanks for sharing.

  4. Triona - Yes, a hallway devoted solely to the typewriter would be ideal! :)



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