Dessert Dilemma.

It happens all the time: because my love of sweets is no secret to anyone who's spent more than five minutes in my presence, I often get asked to provide dessert for dinner parties and holiday gatherings. This year's no exception - I've just learned that I'll be in charge of the last course of my family's Christmas dinner on Sunday. Here's the thing, though - as much as I'd like to fancy myself a pastry chef, my skills are, well, still developing. 

Last year, I attempted an apple upside-down cake, which cracked down the middle as I was taking it out of the pan - we called it "the San Andreas cake." Oops.

I was wondering, because you've always been such great advice-givers, do you have any favorite holiday dessert ideas that you'd be willing to share? I would love to try something new this year. As always, I appreciate your input so much!


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