Dessert Dilemma.

It happens all the time: because my love of sweets is no secret to anyone who's spent more than five minutes in my presence, I often get asked to provide dessert for dinner parties and holiday gatherings. This year's no exception - I've just learned that I'll be in charge of the last course of my family's Christmas dinner on Sunday. Here's the thing, though - as much as I'd like to fancy myself a pastry chef, my skills are, well, still developing. 

Last year, I attempted an apple upside-down cake, which cracked down the middle as I was taking it out of the pan - we called it "the San Andreas cake." Oops.

I was wondering, because you've always been such great advice-givers, do you have any favorite holiday dessert ideas that you'd be willing to share? I would love to try something new this year. As always, I appreciate your input so much!


  1. Double layer pumpkin cheesecake - so good and easy to make. I'm actually making one today. :)

    Or my toffee recipe. It's a little easier than it sounds.

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  3. I'm not much of a cook myself, but Olivia has some of the most mouth watering recipes. Whenever I need to make a dessert, I always consult her blog, Everyday Musings. The caramel sea salt brownies are wonderful!

    Good luck! (I'm sure the apple upside down cake was still delicious. Looks are secondary!)

  4. Ok, so my two favorites that I cook year after year are our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Layered Cake and then the other one is Caitlin's Great Grammy Allice's Apple Cream Pie. Now that I'm on this peppermint bark kick, I'm actually going to be making peppermint bark brownies to just have around the house for the week.Or that Red Wine Chocolate Cake! That was to die for and its totally easy.

  5. Sorry to hear about your San Andreas cake. I do love upside down cakes. This recipe by Rick Bayless is the best and its easy.
    I've made it with the traditional pineapples but I've also made it during the holidays with cranberries. I could eat the whole thing on my own.
    This French silk pie was easy to make and it was delicious.

  6. i've got a bunch of amazingly delicious dessert recipes pinned here:

    *email me if you can't access them for some reason and i'll give you a rundown.*

    oh! a one thing i constantly get asked to bring to functions are chocolate peanut butter balls. i've been told a few times that i'm not allowed to show up without them. shoot me an email if you want the recipe.

    (and that san andreas cake looks amazing. just sayin.)

  7. if you're still hooked on apples, ina garten has an easy-to-follow, but really impressive-looking french apple tart which i really dig:
    (serve with vanilla bean ice-cream!)

    but if you're looking for something completely fool-proof and don't mind if the dessert kinda' resembles poop, magnolia's banana cream pudding recipe requires zero baking, but tastes amaaaaaazing!

    merriest of holidays to you shoko... and good luck!

    p.s. i think your san andreas cake looks moist and very yummy. how it tastes trumps how it looks!

  8. if you're looking to try something different, richard olney's walnut gateau, a simple, unleavened provencal-style cake, is insanely delicious. (it is currently my favorite dessert ever!) i love this with a glass of sweet dessert wine, like a sauternes, and a bit of fresh cream. i always have two pieces.

    if you're looking for something even simpler, olney's poached pears in red wine is super classy and dead easy, and so festive for the holidays. i can't find the recipe online, but this one is similar:

    i like it with orange zest instead of vanilla though, and i poach them way longer, about 3 hours, or until translucent.

  9. Thank you so, SO much, everyone. I'm excited to add these recipes to my list! They all sound amazing!

  10. if you want to try something very easy and supersuperwonderfully fine, try this recipe:

    if you don't know her blog, you'll fall in love with it.

    i tried it with pears (instead of apples) and guests always love it.

    (i know it's in german, but google translator should help you.. and the recipe is veryvery easy)

  11. crap, i meant to comment on this yesterday. sea salt brownies! i don't have a recipe. i just make regular brownies and sprinkle sea salt on top. easy.

  12. Liquid CheeseCake? - I mean, just sayin'.

  13. Liquid cheesecake! How could I have forgotten?!



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