In Love With Lists.

My love for lists has been well-documented on this blog; first here, then here, and finally, here. So naturally, when I came across Shaun Usher's new site, "Lists of Note," (Shaun's the editor of the equally brilliant "Letters of Note"), I was instantly hooked.

Three stand-outs: architect Eero Saarinen's index of his wife's most captivating characteristics (including my favorite - "that you were fantastically efficient"),

Johnny Cash's short and sweet list of to-dos

and this guide to jive talk from musician Harry "The Hipster" Gibson. (I "solid blew my top" when I saw it.)

See more at Lists of Note.


  1. love these!
    i love lists and i found this [] awhile ago. had to print it and post on my desk. it's a good list:)


  2. 'Lush your self to all ends' - always.

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one obsessed with lists!

    Justine - That's a great one - one of my favorites!



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